Compliance Assurance Simplified

eComply® digitizes your Environmental, Safety, and Transportation compliance to make it easy
to understand, adapted to your industry, and beneficial for your company.

Why eComply


Uniting information for multiple facilities and contributors in one place in an easy to understand format.


Customize your portal to best fit your companies needs. Add company-specific orientation and proprietary training for your employees.


Easily login to your portal using any device including: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Great for employees who are mobile.

eComply’s Purpose

At eComply our purpose is to make a difference every day! In this digital age, compliance can be difficult and confusing, knowing which regulations you need to follow and what documentation your facility must have to stay in compliance is challenging. eComply is here to simplify the world of compliance for you. eComply makes compliance easy for small businesses or large enterprises at a cost-effective price point. Our software allows for easy document retrieval and storage. With an interactive compliance calendar and customized alerts, you will know exactly what needs to be completed.

Services We Provide

Collect, monitor and manage your environmental program.

Track, train and monitor your facility’s safety program.

Driver and fleet management with expert advice

What Our Customers Say About Us

“This is the best thing since sliced bread! I can’t believe why everybody is not using it.”

Cliff Boyd
Gagel’s Auto Part’s, FL

“You guys have built a really great tool, we are using it like crazy”

Holly Cahill
New England Auto & Truck Recyclers, MA & VA

“You know what they say, ‘safety doesn’t happen by accident’ and neither did eComply. Because of all the OSHA audits in our industry, we hired Mike James and his team to complete a wall-to-wall safety audit. first, we installed an older two-part software Mike was recommending to help us with our environmental and safety compliance. Now, the eComply team developed the system we have been waiting for. I would have never known how easy it is to stay compliant, train my employees, and keep track of the mounds of paper work, all in one spot, from anywhere. the best part is I can do it all while still being able to run my business. Thanks, Mike.”

Scotty & Dawn Davis
All Foreign Auto Parts, Fredericksburg, VA

“Admittedly, we were hesitant to adopt ‘another gadget’; eComply is now an integral valued addition to our management, now in our 2nd year. It is simple to set up, easy to train and delegate to staff, and … really impressed the inspectors who walked up on-site the first quarter we turned it on. I am convinced eComply can be your partner too. Peace of mind and up-to-date managed compliance at a great price,”

Leroy Liebermann
Eagle Auto & Truck Works

“We didn’t want our facilities to be subject to regulatory fines, so we needed to find a way to keep track of all the documentation and training we needed to stay safety compliant. We were introduced to eComply after Mike James had completed a formal Safety audit at three of our facilities. eComply has not only given us an opportunity to meet all of the safety requirements, but it’s also given us peace of mind knowing everything is stored online – no more hassle, no more paperwork, no more worrying. could you imagine having everything you need to manage your environmental and safety compliance at your fingertips? With eComply, we have it. This new platform has dramatically simplified our use of this tool.”

Chris Mantas and Ted Kogianes
Tear A Part, Salt Lake City

Contact us today and let’s get your company
in compliance!

Recent Blog Posts

What is a Commercial Vehicle? And Why Do You Care?

Published by Brian Riker and Mike James, September, 2018

What is a commercial vehicle?   Whether you realize it or not, most Auto Recyclers operate commercial vehicles.  What is a commercial vehicle may sound like a simple question, but it can be a confusing issue depending upon the nature of your vehicle operations.  A seemingly innocent factor such as the origin of the parts in your delivery van plays a huge role in determining which definition of a commercial vehicle applies to your company at the moment. more

Statement from OSHA Regarding Decline in Workplace Fatalities in 2017

U.S. Department of Labor                                               Occupational Safety and Health Administration Office of Communications Washington, D.C. 

For Immediate Release Date: Dec. 18, 2018 Contact: Office of Communications Phone: 202-693-1999


WASHINGTON, DC – As thousands enter the workforce, there were 43 fewer workplace fatalities in 2017 than the previous year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2017 (CFOI) report released today. The fatal injury rate also decreased from 3.6 percent in 2016 to 3.5 percent in 2017.

“While today’s report shows a decline in the number of workplace fatalities, the loss of even one worker is too many,” said Loren Sweatt, Acting Assistant Secretary for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). “Through comprehensive enforcement and compliance assistance that includes educating job creators about their responsibilities under the law, and providing robust education opportunities to workers, OSHA is committed to ensuring the health and safety of the American workforce.”

In addition to the decline in overall fatalities, crane-related workplace fatalities, and fatal occupational injuries in the private manufacturing industry and wholesale trade industries reached their lowest points since the CFOI started in 2003.

“The scourge of opioid addiction unfortunately continues to take its toll on workers across the country, demonstrating the importance of this Administration’s efforts to tackle this crisis.”

The number of unintentional overdoses due to the nonmedical use of drugs or alcohol while at work increased by 25 percent – the fifth consecutive year overdose deaths rose by at least 25 percent.

Airbag Disposal In the Language of my Father

Published by Mike James, September, 2018

Some really good stuff for the recycler has happened in recent months pertaining to how to handle airbags. This is one of those subjects that I really wish I could claim some responsibility for helping make it happen. But that is not going to happen. The credit for all of this great solution on airbag disposal goes to a group of the senior leadership of the Scrap Metal Recyclers (ISRI) from across the country that met multiple times with the US EPA in Washington DC. They deserve a big thanks. All I get to do is help explain this good stuff to those of you dealing with end of life vehicles. more…



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