Return-to-Work Strategies – A Series

| June 9, 2020 | Blog
Whatever Shall I Wear?
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Employees and Customers

The guidelines on this issue will vary by location but one thing is going to be the same across the country and that is you’ll need to be prepared, with a plan in place, before you allow the public back into your facility. If your plan requires supplies such as masks, you’ll want to order those right away so they will already be in place and available. If you want to put up signs or posters about what is expected at your place of business, get those ready, as well. All these changes may seem difficult at first, but they’ll be even more unpleasant if you are unorganized and unprepared.

Masks or no masks? For employees only, or for customers, as well? Again, this will depend on what city, county, and state you’re in. The rules and guidelines all seem to be different, so do the research to be sure you understand what is allowed (or not allowed) where you are. The industries we serve have enough rules and regulations without folks getting tripped up by something that is, hopefully, temporary.

Another piece of PPE you might want to consider is the reusable face shield. They’re out there, I kid you not!  There are several options and they aren’t too terribly expensive. These face shields can be sanitized between uses; just make sure they are properly cleaned and safely stored. When disposing of them, they can be placed in a plastic grocery bag, tied securely, and put in the municipal trash. One option for purchasing reusable face shields is Insta-Shield™.  (Made in the USA.)