Our Story

eComply is about your Compliance Assurance needs and managing your program the way you want to manage them. eComply provides the owner those OSHA related Safety Programs from mandatory training to the training that the company feels important for their employees. eComply is about truly being mobile for a Towing Industry that is constantly mobile 24/7. It allows the company to provide training on mobile devices in remote locations; one employee at a time or all employees sitting in one room. From remembering all those driver records to documenting that an equipment inspection has been performed when required by the operator. It is the system that supports the owners’ verification and documentation that all of these activities have been performed. And finally, eComply is that compliance  tool that assists the company with Environmental and DOT Compliance as specialized requirements are identified.

The founders of eComply® first experienced something called OSHA and EPA in the early 1970’s. They were impacted by world events such as an accident in Bhopal India. Sporting a combined experience of more than 100 years of compliance assurance training, auditing and leadership in subjects including environmental, safety and quality, we have learned that the days of pencil and paper are fast coming to a close. The eComply founders concluded that it was easier in the 70’s for the simple reason that the rules were simpler and there were not as many rules to have to remember and implement. Coming out of college with a slide rule, if you wanted to know about something you either listened to the old guys in the company or you went to the library and studied.

Technology has revolutionized the equipment we all use to run our business. Whether it is the new diesel engine in a truck or the new way to manage inventory in a warehouse or the logistics of how to get the right product to the right customer on the right day. The sheer volume of transactions in business and the complexity and frequency of decisions that must be performed have only increased over the years since the founders of eComply first started using pencil and paper. Technology has both simplified and complicated our world in many ways. It has made an unfathomable amount of information readily available to us. Today’s problem is determining which information you can trust from a sea of people claiming to be experts.

When it comes to staying in compliance with environmental and safety regulations, you need to know that the tools and information you receive are correct. This is why eComply came to be, to allow you the manager and business owner to…

“Train your way, Inspect your way, Manage your way”