Messages From Mike: Episode 1

Mike James | April 14, 2020 | Blog
Environmental Regulators Still Enforcing

Good Afternoon,

There has been some seriously misleading information published by multiple industry
associations, especially on the Auto Recycling side of those we serve. USEPA has
announced that they will be softening their enforcement activity during this Covid-19
Crisis. That is a true statement. What makes it misleading is that most of you are not
regulated by the USEPA. A very, very few of you are.

Do Not Let Your Guard Down

The truth is that the majority of the states are still pressing forward. In Texas Only,
there is now what is called a NODI Code for sampling reporting. The new NODI Code Z
allows you not to take your storm water sample if you can prove that it was a direct
result of Covid-19. The only way that I can think of for you to do this is if the person
who takes the samples was laid up in bed with documented COVID-19, or in the
hospital with suspected COVID-19. It will be easier just to take the sample than it will be
to write up the justification for not taking it. In most cases you already have the kit. Just
do it!

In Episode 2, I will talk about New York and follow that with Maryland and Virginia. We
are seeing active enforcement up and down the East Coast, the West Coast, and
random states in the middle. The states have discovered how easy it is to tell if you
have sampled because of all the electronic reporting required now.

Stay Safe Out There!

Mike James
eComply®/James Environmental