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Published by Mike James, August 29, 2018

eComply is what people call a “Disruptive Technology”. It is one of those technologies that come along ever few years that just change everything about how we do some job function. Environmental and Safety and DOT compliance and all other Compliance Assurance activities regardless of the subject have historically been performed one way, with pencil and paper. The early adopters of eComply are finding that a simpler, more comprehensive solution to the way they always did compliance. Take a look under the hood and you will find the engine it takes to make these subjects simple.

Oh yah, Keith Foster. I will tell you about him tomorrow.

Published by Mike James, August 29, 2018

There is no “I” in team. Many forget that a part of their team is their customer. All of these great Millennials that I get to work with have to listen to me say often that you must look at every question or problem through the eyes of your customer. The customer is a part of the team and very definitely must be a part of the solution. This eComply software is a result of a great team of the best and brightest in the country and it is rockin’ My good friend Greg Freeman use a phrase “Flying High with eComply” recently. When he said it, he was talking about some customers and the team response on their use of the system. Today, we heard from Keith Foster. In my next post I am going to tell you more about Keith.

Published by Mike James, August 27, 2018

The first of what should be many. This great team at eComply has finally convinced this old guy that he should start posting on our social media. It has been fun to be around eComply over the past 6 months. Closing in on 1000 users, and rolling out eComply 2.2 with many new features, all requested by clients, it is exciting. We have added new members to the team including 2 SME for Transportation Services. Oh yah, what is a SME, that is a Subject Matter Expert. I will introduce those and the rest of the team over the next few weeks. We will also give you a peak into the greatness of this Learning Management and Compliance tool.

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